Sizing Info

Daisy 3 072I size my Daisy uniforms (great for nurses and dental practices) with names not numbers.  I have always found that my fitted designs are pretty true to size and my unfitted designs can cover a range of up to 3 sizes , depending on one’s height.  Do not be fooled by the word “petite”, my petites do not just mean small in statue, it means my smallest size.  Daisies can be special ordered in most sizes but will be non-refundable  (possible exchanges may be allowed).  We do custom sizes for my other clothing business, Lorraine Parish everyday.  Below you will see an approximate translation of my named sizes to the usual numbered sizes.  When you call to inquire we can go over this in better detail.  Our “Daisies” are perfect for estheticians, massage therapists,  small medical and dental clinics.

Petites:  Fitted 2-4  Unfitted, generous  2,4,6
Smalls:  Fitted 6-8  Unfitted, generous 6,8,10 depending on height
Mediums:  Fitted 10  Unfitted, generous 10,12,14 depending on height
Larges:  Fitted 12  Unfitted, generous 12,14,16 depending on height
Extra Larges:  Unfitted, generous 16,18,20 depending on height.
Special orders:  Sizes smaller than petites and larger than extra large!

The knit Daisies run pretty true to size.  The leggings  are amazing by the way.  I wear them almost everyday. They come in either a short or a long length.  I cut them a little on the long side because they will shrink length wise just a bit.
All of the tops are pretty true to size but the tunics I make a little more roomy than the boat necks tops.  The pull on skirts are true to size but if you are either a very small or large woman you should have your waist, hips and desired length measurements handy when ordering.