Choosing Your Daisy Fabric

All of the Daisies are offered in the gingham poly cotton blends.  This fabric and the knit fabrics are perfect for massage therapists and spas. I find this fabric to have more of a “pucker” than the 100% cotton seersucker. It is a machine wash and dry fabric and needs no ironing if you take the garment from the dryer, shake it and hang it up! The 100% cotton seersucker gingham is a beautiful fabric no doubt. You can wash and dry it but it definitely needs some ironing to make it crisp again.
The six ounce cotton denims are just beautiful.  They’re very soft and have a fabulous hand (the solid black is heavier due to it’s black dye).  They’re completely washable and will shrink a little length wise when put in the dryer.  A little ironing is necessary if you want the garment a little crisper.
The Ponti Di Roma knits are fabulous!  You can wash and dry them to your heart’s content and they continue to look new.  As with all of the Nurse Daisy fabrics do not use chlorine bleach.
Swatches for all of the fabrics shown are available upon request.


cotton fabrics 003

Top: Yellow | Middle: Dark Pink | Bottom: Lime

Poly Cotton Seersucker Ginghams
65% Dacron Polyester and 35 % Cotton
Wash and Dry. Immediately remove from dryer and put on hanger.
Royal blue, light blue and light pink available upon request.

Lavender & Navy

Lavender & Navy

100% Cotton Seersucker Gingham
All cotton. The colors shown are only available in 100% cotton.
Completely washable but must be ironed after removing from the dryer.
Yellow, lime, light blue and red colors available upon request.

Solid Black and White Fabrics

Solid Black and White Fabrics

Solid Black And White Fabrics
6 Oz 100% solid black or solid white denim.  Also a medium weight white poly/cotton birdseye pique is available.
All can be machine washed and dried but may need some ironing.

100% Cotton Denim

Light blue,navy,medium blue and black denim

100% Cotton Denim
This soft 6 oz cotton denim has a beautiful drape and needs very little ironing if any at all!  Denim fabric have a twill weave so there’s a slight natural stretch to it.  Shown from top to bottom;  light blue, navy, medium blue and black.  It also comes in solid black and white.


Top to bottom: navy, red, pewter, ivory, black (white not shown).

Ponti Di Roma Knits
A very luscious, medium weight knit.  You can wash and dry this fabric over and over and it still looks and feels new!  Extremely comfortable, holds it shape for a long, long time and it’s not hot.  60% rayon, 33% nylon, 7% lycra.