The Beauty And Practicality Of Uniform Dressing
I have been designing and manufacturing women’s clothing for 35 years now and the idea of
wearing a good, comfortable but stylish “uniform” for everyday dressing seems to be an intelligent
thing to do. You don’t have to work in a medical or dental clinic to need a uniform . There’s so much
to do and think about these days, dressing on a daily basis should be effortless.  I have many professional
customers who work from their homes and the tendency to look messy all day is understandable
but not good for one’s self esteem. I suggest my leggings and tunics for this life style,
of course depending on body type but you’re at home who cares  ,the UPS man?  Be comfortable! It’s what
I wear everyday in my shop and workroom. I want to look put together but comfortable and I have, of course,
my winter and summer versions!

Years ago I was reading an interview about Joni Mitchell, one of my long time heroes. She had recently
become friends with Georgia O’Keeffe and Ms, O’Keeffe told Joni the key to dressing “is find something
you like and make it your daily uniform”.  Joni agreed with her friend, she just didn’t know at the time
what her “uniform”should be. I wonder if she ever figured it out.

I have said to my customers for years now, “we women should take a lesson from men and how they
go about dressing”.  Meaning, find something you like, get it in every color that works, wear it everyday
and be done with it! Quite a few of my customers have many of my Portrait Shirts and Jackie Tops,
casual ones and dressy ones.  Both styles now have pockets and are on the “Picking Daisies” page.  Special
occasions of course deserves a lot more thought, then live it up, go wild, but for everyday dressing,
keep it simple!

Enter, my daily dressing solution to both the regular world and the medical, spa,
dental,chiropractic, acupuncturist world of dressing. Hell why not the world of private nurses and
cleaning ladies for rich people too, I could go on and on!  I have never understood when I go to my
doctor’s clinic or dental office, why the staff there look so shabby and unprofessional.  To my eye and
sensibilities, they the staff, should be visually appealing, which reflects the quality of the treatment you are
there to receive. It’s a simple concept called first impressions and being a clothing designer for a very
long time, I can tell you it makes a difference.

I hope you enjoy my new venture and if you find yourself on Martha’s Vineyard, please
stop by my retail store “Lorraine Parish” in Vineyard Haven and whether you be a doctor, esthetician,
chiropractor or retired school teacher,  I will fix you up in your daily LP uniform!

Lorraine Parish